Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Staniel Cay

On our first run south through the islands of the Exumas we moved at a pretty fast pace in order to pick up Kurt in Will in Georgetown the day after Christmas, stopping only a day or two at each anchorage. Faced with weeks of nothing but time we decided to start over at the north end of the chain and spend some time in places we wanted to revisit or had not seen yet. Staniel Cay was on the list and we love it here! We find it colorful and cheerful with a good mix of recreation and services so we can do errands and still fit in play time and hunting.
Posing near the public beach. Tangent is anchored off in the distance beyond that bush.

Pretty flowers along the quiet main road where golf carts are the preferred mode of  transportation

Burke's blue store is one of three places to provision on Staniel. Fresh produce is delivered by mail boat about once a week or every two weeks. On one visit we might find a variety of fresh items and on another we find empty refrigerators with maybe a few sad tomatoes and a head of cabbage. We have become very creative and resourceful when it comes to cooking and eating.

The Pink Pearl "Supermarket"

We met Jeff, Rachel and Stella aboard Slacker in Georgetown and enjoyed fishing, exploring, cooking and hanging out together at Lee Stocking Island on up to Staniel where we went north and they headed back south.  We love our friends from South Carolina who have taught us to embrace deep frying and the magic of Duke's mayonnaise.

Snorkeling in the Thunderball Grotto. Does anyone recognize this from the James Bond film "Thunderball?"

The crew of Slacker in the Grotto

Fighting the current for a family photo

Underwater looking out into the open water

Drew riding the current from the Grotto out into the open

Our Rocna 55lb anchor nicely set in the sand. Yes, the water is that clear.
This is Fishy who dives a lot deeper than Andy and Drew can to get the big bugs. We are ashamed to say on this day we bought lobster rather than getting it ourselves. But we were about to enter the boundaries of the Exuma Land & Sea Park wheres there's no fishing of any sort allowed.

Another pretty sunset. Never gets old!

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