Thursday, January 15, 2015

Our Ocean Journey and the Bahamas

Setting off from the mouth of the Chesapeake in sub-freezing temperatures

False albacore in the Gulf Stream

Mid-ocean sail repair.  Shoulda gone with Gorilla Tape instead of 3M duct tape

Entering the Bahamas through Man-O-War channel after an arduous ocean journey

Raising the quarantine flag moments before losing one of our propellers in Marsh Harbor

Surveying the damage on our shredded genoa

A little time for grooming as we wait for a new prop to arrive from Maine

After discovering our VHF radio was not picking up the morning cruisers net, we decided to replace the antenna.  Many hours spent at the top of the mast.

We had a wonderful side trip to the lovely waters of Sandy Point

Our big prop arrived!  Time to strap it on.

The crew of Makai caught up to us while we were dockbound.  Kids started fishing immediately.

After leaving Great Abaco and having another harrowing day on the water to Eleuthera, we finally had calm conditions as we motored to the Exumas.  Drew hooked this monster barracuda.

The calm waters of the Exuma bank.

Canine company on Shroud Cay.  We very seriously considered adopting two malnourished dogs until we radioed the park service and discovered they had an owner.  

Blow holes on Warderick Wells

Tangent alone at Rudder Cut Cay

Drew's first speared lobster.

Mahi caught as we sailed from Rudder Cut to Georgetown.

My favorite task

Time to fill the propane tanks!

We left a hatch open for Santa to squeeze through

Needlefish?  Houndfish?

Drew deciding to break a boat rule under the influence of his uncle and cousin.

Our shadows (including Uncle Kurt and Cousin Will's) cast into the defunct salt pond on Lee Stocking Island.

Grouper time!

Bidding farewell to Kurt and Will in Barretarre.  Turtle steak, anyone?

Reunited with Makai and meeting Dream Catcher for the first time.  Hiked up to the highest point in the Exumas.

Invasive lionfish make easy spearfishing targets and yummy fish tacos.  Just have to be careful of the hypodermic like spines and painful venom.

Heidi cleans a conch.

Iguana central on Leaf Key with Roy from Makai

Evelyn battled this mahi all by herself

Waiting for the meat wagon to take Heidi to get provisions from Prime Island Meats in Georgetown

Blowholes on Boysie Cay

Now THAT'S a lobsta!

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