Saturday, November 15, 2014

New England to Virginia

An unannounced swing by Fairfield as we started our journey South.  Overwhelmed by the crowds who appeared on such short notice!  (Thanks, Alasdair.)

A very wet and soggy trip down the East River.  Here's a view of Lady Liberty as seen through our binoculars.

Bye, bye NYC

Happy to be with friends after many days of hard travel down the Jersey Coast and up the Delaware Bay

Back in Chesapeake City with Piper

Tangent coming out of the water for some big projects, Solomons MD

A quiet autumn sunset alone on the Chesapeake

Halloween costumes!

The crew counting the days to departure

James River catfish.

One of many provisionings

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Our New England Summer

Dodson's Boatyard - our home base for many projects

Reaching for the brass ring on the carousel at Watch Hill, Rhode Island

Hooking up with a shark in Watch Hill on board "Piper"

A visit from Babcia

Discovering why the toilet won't flush

More guests!

Sunsets never grow old (NGO)

Grammie comes aboard for a visit to Newport

The house we'll be moving back into when we're done sailing (just dropped by to check on the renters)

Our family transport, "Cosine", the ever deflating dinghy

Contemplating the wonders of New Bedford

Swinging on a halyard

The Milici family visit us while on Block Island

Back again in Watch Hill to enjoy ice cream with cousins Timmy and Sophia


Finally caught a false albacore from shore on Block Island

Another shark!  Evelyn got to reel this one in after losing a porgy and having a meltdown

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

From Florida to Connecticut

Christening Tangent
Richard Widmann joins Tangent to guide us on our first 10 days aboard our new home.

Playing chicken with freighters in the Gulf Stream

Our first mahi mahi
Cooling off in 2000 feet of water while Heidi looks for sharks

Chubby little false albacore
Cubby working on a bigger mahi mahi
Drew took over from Cubby and we brought this one aboard
Our mahi becoming lunch and dinner and lunch
Motoring weather 150 miles offshore in the Gulf Stream
Heidi working the helm with Richard
A fantastic spinnaker sail between Wrightsville Beach and Beaufort, NC

Enjoying a swing in the hammock playing "tick-tock-tick-a-nah"
Richard more than earning his keep fixing a broken alternator bracket while motoring along in a thunderstorm

Making the pilgrimage to Coinjock marina on the ICW
Motoring along the ICW somewhere in NC

The USS Wisconsin in Norfolk, VA
Tangent at rest in downtown Norfolk VA

Lunch at the club with Barbara and Richard Widmann

Virginia in July is haaaaaht

Capsize drills with our new paddleboard on the James River
Navy dockyards in Norfolk

Cooking and cleaning demonstrations at Colonial Williamsburg

Return capsule at the Virginia Air and Space Museum in Hampton

A visit from the Jackson family in Annapolis MD and a quick swim in Spa Creek to cool off.
Walking the streets of Annapolis (and occassional running when the T-storms arrived)
Crabs, crabs, and more crabs with the Jackson family
Riding the Cape May trolley with Grampa Jim

Meeting the crew of Piper in Chesapeake City MD (Tripp, Lisa, Finn and Mackie)
Roland joins us in Cape May for our trip to Montauk (with a diversion to Atlantic City for a break from the weather.)

Up the mast to replace the steaming light in 20kts of wind.
Visiting the ocean beach in Cape May with the Piper family

Montauk laundry day with the Presnell family aboard "Piper".

Lake Montauk visit from cousin Will Koehler (with Kurt behind the lens)

Modelo Man stylin' in Stonington