Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Our New England Summer

Dodson's Boatyard - our home base for many projects

Reaching for the brass ring on the carousel at Watch Hill, Rhode Island

Hooking up with a shark in Watch Hill on board "Piper"

A visit from Babcia

Discovering why the toilet won't flush

More guests!

Sunsets never grow old (NGO)

Grammie comes aboard for a visit to Newport

The house we'll be moving back into when we're done sailing (just dropped by to check on the renters)

Our family transport, "Cosine", the ever deflating dinghy

Contemplating the wonders of New Bedford

Swinging on a halyard

The Milici family visit us while on Block Island

Back again in Watch Hill to enjoy ice cream with cousins Timmy and Sophia


Finally caught a false albacore from shore on Block Island

Another shark!  Evelyn got to reel this one in after losing a porgy and having a meltdown

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