Monday, January 26, 2015

Norman's Cay

We eagerly returned to Norman's Cay which was our first stop in the Exumas with Makai. We blew through here so fast the first time and it was so pretty we wanted to see it again. We were also fascinated by its history as a base for Carlos Lehder's drug operation in the 70s and 80s. We both read a book recommended by Eric on Makai called "Turning the Tide" which focuses on a civilian, Richard Novak, who loved Norman's Cay, couldn't turn a blind eye to what he figured out was going on and got deeply involved in taking down the operation. Even though we couldn't relate to his highly moral, hot tempered determination, the book was a page turner and we were fascinated with returning to explore and see the ruins of all the sites mentioned in the book. What we found instead was a massive construction site of a future exclusive marina, an expanded runway with a chain link fence around it and an overpriced beach bar. We tried but didn't get the satisfaction of seeing any bullet hole riddled walls or find any long forgotten drug or money stashes in the caves. Thankfully we had a chance to snorkel the plane wreck with Makai in more settled weather on our first pass. We froze our butts off when yet another front came through but the scenery was beautiful and the company of our friends Daryl and Annie aboard No Rehearsal was not to be missed. They made a delicious dinner and we had a lot of laughs hearing about life aboard cruising the Med when their kids were about the same age as ours. They understand and encourage our desire to experience a little culture as well as sun and sand and helped to reinvigorate us after a spell of the doldrums.
Self explanatory

Daryl and Drew getting ready for a hunting trip. It's colder than it looks!

Barry the Barracuda looking for handouts after he figured out Drew was cleaning a fish. Drew is a nut when it comes to "petting" the stuff with big teeth, crushing claws or venemous spines. He's been like that for as long as we can remember. Just don't make him watch a scary movie.

Take a look at it now kids because this is one club you'll probably never be able to join once it's built!

Ruins of a restaurant

Ruins of a hotel

This is what our fresh food supply looks like after about 10 days without provisioning. Between our fresh fish, stocked freezer and dry stores we can go for a lot longer which extends our enjoyment of the secluded anchorages. Why is it that no one ever eats the last apple?

Movies are a large part of our entertainment. Here the kids are enjoying Ferris Bueller's Day Off for the 400th time. 

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