Saturday, March 14, 2015

Waiting for a Window

The trade winds that had settled in for the first time all season were still blowing hard when we returned to Long Island so we weren't going anywhere. But since we can kill time like nobody's business, we made the most of it by doing some more sightseeing. As soon as the forecast showed potential for us to make a move we knocked off some items on the to do list. We even spent a couple nights in a marina so Andy could tackle some power issues. With the cost of the marina we had full access to the resort which was a real treat. The staff was super nice, the grounds had awesome nooks and crannies for chilling out and the food was great. But it was eerily empty. The marina facilities were basically shut down. Everywhere we went in the Bahamas we saw so many unfinished projects and closed down places. We can't figure it out. Maybe it's the no-see-ums which will drive you bat shit crazy at dusk and dawn. So even though we loved livin' it up resort style we couldn't wait to get back to anchor with a breeze and no bugs! So it appears our weather window is opening. Another season on board closes and a new one opens...

One of many great spots to just chill at the Stella Maris Resort.

The kids really want to go back to Conception.

Caribbean here we come! But first, a pina colada.

At some point someone watched a scary movie and now these two can't sleep alone. 

A monument to Columbus and the Lucayan Indians. Columbus landed in the Bahamas in 1492. But exactly where he landed first is disputed. It wasn't here. 

Over there is where we're headed. But not that day. It looks so calm in the picture but the water was rough! 

This looked like a primo spot for another failed Bahamian venture. A natural cut into a totally sheltered harbor. We were blown away by how beautiful this was.

A hearth still stands at the ruins of a former plantation house.

Ugh. Too much to explain. Just read this. 

More ruins. The rooms must have been totally claustrophobic.

Thick stone walls.

This shallow bay goes on forever. Andy is in the background daydreaming about his water sports resort. Kiteboarding and windsurfing. Who's in? 

Maybe the Dingo ate your baby.

It's been a long time since we've been in fresh water. It was so windy there were white caps in the pool. 

A new game is discovered! 

This induced a sudden flashback to JFK airport circa 1974. A row of wall mounted payphones, bubble enclosures, phonebooks hanging by wires. 

Our spot at the marina. 

Happy to be back at anchor where we can swim, fish and not get eaten alive by bugs.

Our last bit of exploration around Hog Cay before setting out.

Shelter from the sun and time to contemplate what lies ahead. 

Evelyn brought her own toy fish to play with because the real ones don't cooperate.

First steps along the thorny path. 

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