Monday, March 9, 2015

The Out Islands

After we said goodbye to the New Roc Rogers we were at a bit of a loss about what to do. We knew we were going to head to the Caribbean but had no idea when to go. So we figured we'd sit around until the answer fell in our laps. Well wouldn't you know it, a day later, Slacker turned up at our anchorage and handed a plan to us on a silver platter! We enjoyed a couple days of great weather at Lee Stocking Island (again!) then headed to a marina, rented cars, ran errands, got in a fight at the fuel dock, and motored over to Long Island where we met up with Piper. We spent about 10 days between Long Island and Conception Island and had a blast exploring and hanging out, knowing it would be our last time together since we were all going in different directions. This trip to the Out Islands (super friendly and interesting Long Island and spectacularly gorgeous Conception) was one of the highlights of our months in the Bahamas.

This is a slipper (or Spanish ) lobster which has a shrimp-like texture. It's so unappealing in so many ways we never spoke of it again.

Do you think it looks more like a clog or a phone? We know what Drew thinks. 

Time for some long overdue grooming. It was a great haircut...for a woman. For a woman who wants a Dorothy Hamill. 

Andy, Jeff and Drew had a great day! But it's just not fair to post this. We only get lobster when we don't have guests. 

It's fun discovering new ways to enjoy these. Lobster dip is a universal favorite. Deep fried was so-so. On a roll with melted butter makes a tasty lunch. Jeff made an amazing lobster risotto. It was great with our last jar of Trader Joe's alfredo sauce over pasta and we now make kick ass lobster and corn fritters.  

Can we put Old Bay seasoning on this one, please?

Evelyn and Stella watching the gross part.

We really need to get a filet table.

The kids used to love collecting hermit crabs at the beach in Fairfield. But we were all a bit squeamish about picking up the "big" ones. 

Discussing horses?

No snowmobiling? That's not cool! 

Trekking to the ocean side of Long Island.

It was very windy but we found a perfect sheltered picnic spot. 

We'll always have...dick fingers

The kids passed out while we played inappropriate card games late into the night.  

Dean's blue hole is the deepest blue hole in the world.

Free diving competitions are held here. It just keeps going and going.

If pictures had sound you'd hear three moms screaming "get away from the edge!" from the beach below. 

Yup, it's blue. And it's a hole. 

Leonard starts our tour of the caves the Lucayan Indians used as shelter. Jeff's face indicates the quality of Leonard's breath. Oof.

Apparently the caves are still used as shelter during hurricanes. 

Some parts had sunlight coming through and other parts were really dark and we used headlamps and flashlights. 

So cute! 

Andy and Tangent were having a beard growing contest. Tangent won. Jeff helped Andy scrape and scrub the bottom which doesn't look like a kelp forest anymore. Time for some new bottom paint! 

Nassau Grouper season is officially open! 

Luckily, our visit to Conception Island coincided with a Green Sea Turtle tagging and data collecting expedition by volunteers on Foxy Lady. A bunch of us dinghied through the mangroves to participate. The water was beautiful and there were sharks, turtles and eagle rays all over. The whole island was like something out of a magazine. Sadly, though, the coral reefs are in terrible shape and the snorkeling was downright depressing. 

Watching an attempt at netting a turtle.

Everybody wants a chance to touch these amazing creatures. 

There's something about their eyes.

Each kid got a chance to help measure, weigh and name a couple turtles. 

They're very strong and sometimes it takes two to hold them in place. 

On our last day we said goodbye to Slacker and Piper. It was a very sad farewell as we all headed our separate ways and it marked the end of our season in the Bahamas. Bye y'all ;)

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