Saturday, January 9, 2016


It's only 40ish miles to St. Eustatius (Statia) from St. Martin. It doesn't sound like much but 40ish miles takes us HOURS. We were able to sail most of the way but the seas were pretty rough. After three weeks in a flat calm lagoon eating chocolate everything we were feeling pretty wiped out. We originally wanted to go further to St. Kitts but, of course, got of to a late start so decided to stop in Statia. The ocean swell usually wraps around these steep little round islands and makes for very rolly anchorages. But we lucked out with very calm conditions. What was supposed to be a one night stopover turned into three nights and we loved it. Statia is the kind of place you should go if you want to go scuba diving or write a novel. It's quiet and friendly with enough charm and history to make it special.

On a mooring ball overlooking The Quill. The mooring is included in the park fee you have to pay.

We visited the park office and learned about the flora and fauna. 

Lots of flowers make it pretty and occasional showers keep it cool.

These guys aren't easy to spot but we saw a couple hiding in the trees.

There's one!

Walking up the Old Slave Road to upper town.

Soldier crab which is a large land hermit crab.

Statia is the site of the first acknowedgement of the US as a sovereign nation when the then governor of Statia ordered a return salute to the Andrew Doria. They even celebrate Statia America Day here. 

At the fort overlooking Tangent in the harbor.

One of the local hotels keeps pet macaws.

Oranje Bay.

A restored Dutch warehouse called Mazinga. The Dutch architecture, some of which has been restored, is really cool. 

We decided to hike up The Quill but got off to a very late start because, yet again, we moseyed around the boat and Customs was shut when we arrived to clear out. Thankfully they came back but our morning hike turned into a hot afternoon trek. 

There was a viewpoint partway up the trail. Tangent is the one sailboat right at the tree line along the harbor. True to its history, Statia remains a central point for the transfer and distribution of cargo throughout the Caribbean. But now it's oil instead of sugar and rum. 

Overlooking the old volcano which was very dense and lush. 

More architecture. This is for sale if anyone is interested in a restoration project. It would be a great retreat and has a nice view and private courtyard perfect for a little pool. Someone please do this so I can come back for a visit. 

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  1. Great pics! It was great seeing you in Montserrat. Best of luck with the rest of your cruising, and perhaps our tracks will cross again!

    SV Daystar