Wednesday, November 11, 2015


After the total bummer and hassle of our previous PR rental apartment we wised up and rented a nice place just up the hill from the marina. We had a few short days and a very long to do list before our launch date but managed to get everything done and Tangent back in the water, sweating and cursing all the way! It was really good to be home. Tangent is downright luxurious compared to Ginger. Big cabins for everyone, two full size heads and great showers, plus tons of hangout space. The kids loved being reunited with their cabins and all their books, games and toys.

Getting lined up with the travelift. So long hot, humid boatyard! 

Splashing down.

Cubster was freaking out that we weren't doing anything for halloween. But it just didn't seem to be much of a thing in PR. We weren't going to get away with doing nothing so  quickly threw together a costume ("It HAS TO have a tail!") and she trick-or-treated door-to-door in the apartment. Andy and Drew handed out candy and other goodies as she made her way around. Phew. 

Bored, bored, bored in the apartment while Andy worked tirelessly at the yard.

Booooooooored. Hot and bored. 

Another slapdash birthday celebration. Andy and I are having a "most pathetic birthday" contest. So far I'm winning but he's catching up to me. 

Time to re-pack everything again and move aboard since Tangent was back in the water. Somehow it fit leaving Texas but not leaving the apartment. I'm pretty much done with shifting our belongings around.

Thank goodness for this clean and beautiful pool we had to ourselves. 

Before leaving we had to fit in a trip to El Yunque. We still had so much to do so it was not very relaxing but it seemed silly to leave without visiting.

There was a really nice visitor's center. 

And a shelter for a picnic. It was a bit too spider-y for me. 

Climbing through the rainforest. It was nice and cool which was such a relief from the weather at sea level. 

Climbing up the Mt. Britton watchtower.

Great views all around and a perfect rainforest rainshower rolling in. After the rain we rushed back down the trail and back to the boat. 

Andy took the kids for a test run of the dinghy.

And then gave me a haircut. If you want to look like Joan Jett just cut off your ponytail.

Tangent getting ready for her bath before heading out. She looks super when she's put back together and cleaned up! Time to shake the jitters and shove off for season two! 

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