Sunday, September 20, 2015


Yosemite was another stop on our "must see" list. We were glad to visit when the temps had dropped and all found it really beautiful. We learned some geology and history, had a chance to look at the climbers through telescopes, enjoyed really nice walks in the woods, beautiful views and a really chill time. One of our favorites!

We stopped to see El Cap on our drive into the valley. 

When we first looked up it was certainly impressive...for a rock. But it wasn't until we got out the binos that we realized there were tiny climbers dotted all over it. Then the scale of it really came into perspective.

The campsite was all the way into the valley. We were surrounded by trees and views of the granite all around. It was really peaceful until Cubby pointed out the coyote behind Drew making a bee line for him. We were inundated with information about what to do if you encounter a bear but I had no idea about a coyote. So I just shouted to Drew to run to me which was probably the wrong thing to do since that seemed to pique the coyote's interest even more! But then we calmed down and took a bunch of photos. 

The coyote came through the campground right at check out time. He probably makes his rounds looking for leftovers when the place is quiet.  

Yosemite had the most thorough Junior Ranger activities. The kids really had to work for it and were game to collect lots of garbage. We had no idea how many cigarette butts are everywhere until we really started looking.

I guess we're not doing the 4 mile hike. 

This is the view from the base of El Cap. It takes most climbers several days to reach the top. They sleep in hammocks hanging from the side of the face. No. Effing. Way. We were happy to just be observers and students at this park. 

One of the famous views but the sun was so bright and we were in a very shadowed area so you'll have to go see it for yourself since this picture stinks.

We did take a very nice long walk to the base of Vernal falls. It was crowded and hot but we needed the exercise and it was pretty at the top. Because of the time of year and the drought conditions we missed out on really experiencing the falls. 

Drew was fighting a cold so we told him to take a break in the shade.

Cubby decided she needed a nap.

I think normally there would be lots of water rushing past here. Boo. But it was still very pretty. We loved the forested trails with the giant granite faces coming into view now and then.

This was a very cute ranger talk about mammals. 

Oath time. Thank goodness for the Junior Ranger programs! We moved so often there was no time for school. It helped us figure out what to see and do for our brief visits, gave the kids a way to connect with what they were seeing, and something to work on without any groaning.  

I'm really glad they had this conversation.

She's going for it! 

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