Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Dodging weather

In early February we continued our southward movement through the Exumas trying to visit some more sights and make our way south in time to meet guests. Unfortunately we were frustrated by more cold fronts passing through and we relocated more for weather than for fun. We vowed not to complain to friends and family up north who were getting absolutely pummeled by snow and freezing temps. But we bitched relentlessly to each other! You can tell from our lack of photos that we were sitting on board a lot. Thank goodness for friends, fishing and minecraft. And a comfy boat!

We stopped in Black Point for a couple days. This sign makes it look like there's a lot going on. There's not.

We did go for a long walk to stretch our legs and found these cuties. We distracted the big mean billy goat so Evelyn could feed the little ones. 

Many settlements have a straw market where the locals sell handmade baskets and bags. We were lucky to see how it all begins. 

This grocery store is run by Marie Antoinette. 

Take them all! Take them all far, far away!  

Evelyn and Mackie did a great job sailing around the harbor!

After a very late rum and red wine infused night aboard Tangent, we pulled it together enough to visit with No Rehearsal.

This is the "before" photo. Don't we all look like nice people? Well, it turns out we're not nice at all. Annie introduced us to a game called Mexican Train. If you ever want to bring out the ugly, bring on the wine and the mexican train. Toot toot!

Chill time on the bow.

Right before a front came through, Drew came through with this large lionfish which became an integral part of fish tacos that night. This guy was so heavy that Drew could barely hold his spear out of the water as he swam back to the dinghy. But when he handed it over the fish slid rapidly down the spear toward my hand, still alive, full of venomous spines, and flopping around violently. There's always a lot of yelling in fishing.  

Fresh baked bread. Boredom = carbohydrates

When we get to deep water we start trolling for offshore fish. The second we hear the line buzz, we all run to our panic stations. Andy gets the gaff, Drew grabs the rod, Heidi takes the helm and Evelyn is on camera duty. There was a ton of shouting when this big girl was being reeled in. The seas were terribly lumpy and this was the biggest fish Drew has reeled in. If you ever want to catch a big fish, don't wear pants. Pants are bad luck. You have to fish in your undies. It's the law. 

This girl was a real acrobat. As she fought and leaped out of the water we could see her gorgeous blue, green and yellow coloring. After a shot of vodka in the gills for the official dispatching, her color drained out. 


Again with the underpants. Andy filets right on the transom as we go. .  
Andy does a great job fileting. We were excited to have fresh mahi to share with our coming guests! 

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