Saturday, June 21, 2014

Day one

Day one has drawn to a successful close. Richard Widmann arrived last night and spent the night aboard with us. A couple of beers later and Friday became early Saturday. Saturday morning was spent doing last minute shopping for propane, fishing gear, random items at West Marine, and lots of bottled water.

We cast off the lines at noon and motored out of Fort Lauderdale into a light southeasterly wind and proceeded to motorsail North to Lake Worth inlet. We passed a number of big storm cells on the way but we only received light sprinkles and some wind into the teens. We all had fun watching the lightning and abundant flying fish.

On the way into Lake Worth inlet we passed a small (yet large) container ship and also saw a family of 4 or 5 manatees. Lots of cheers erupted as the manatees broke the surface.

We set our anchor amongst a few other cruising boats and enjoyed a BBQ dinner. Cold showers for the kids and hot showers for the adults and now time for bed.

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